Ode to Expertise Branding

The meeting went well

And you seemed to get on
With the prospective client you met
He liked what you offered
And would soon get in touch
To place an order you felt certain to get.

Your problem began
With a tiny detail
He’d neglected to reveal at your loss
The decision to place
Such an order was not his
That duty had to fall to his boss

Now she, you hadn’t met
So the pleasure befell
Her subordinate to fill in the details
He tried his best to describe
And recall your best side
But the messages started to fail

So the boss soon lost interest
And he tried to enlighten her
By showing your promo material instead
But that failed to excite her
The low quality perhaps frightened her
And by this time you’d lost all street cred

So the call never came through
And presumably the order
Was placed with a competitor who’s now doing fine
And he moral of the story
Is if you’re not in the room
Make sure your branding let’s your expertise shine