Business SOS by Paul Avins

Business SOS

Paul Avins is an Award Winning Business Coach and International Speaker. He was almost ready to go to print on his book ‘Business SOS’ which was needed for a large event. He showed me the draft but he knew there was something about it that wasn’t quite right but couldn’t put his finger on it. I could see that the content was excellent and yet the product looked less than world class. Everything Paul does has an attention to detail and a quality about it but the design of this book had those attributes missing. I said I would be able to turn it around in a week, and I did. We kept the front image of a life-ring but started again with every other aspect of the design.

Something interesting happened that would be the key to the design of the book.

I noticed that Paul asked a lot of searching questions in the text of the book. The original typography inside had been cluttered and messy and the questions were lost in the text. I put forward the idea of inserting a space, a box for the reader to write the answer to the questions in. This isn’t to say that the book became a ‘workbook’ but it had the workbook elements in there. It also didn’t mean that we were forcing people to write in the book, some people will never do that. But by creating a discrete space for the answer, it allowed the reader to pause and reflect on the question (the space gave them an idea of the required length of their answer) whether they chose to write it down or not.

This turned out to be the key to the success of the book. Business owners loved the dip-in nature of the book and the proactive way it helped them analyze areas of their business.

Within six months Paul was able to connect the success of the book to a tangible increase in his business. See the video below. A year later he would revise that figure upwards by a factor of ten as the book became the foundation stone to position his Business Networking and Coaching Group as a Franchise Business and open five other Clubs around the UK.

I was commissioned to design Paul’s Turbo coaching materials and the brand for the exciting Business Wealth Club itself. The distinctive and powerful look we came up with for the Club helped to position it as a valuable and different networking and coaching experience that hundreds of business people have now joined and are reaping the benefits. We are now working on Paul’s next book, ‘Rev Up Your Business’ and the Business Wealth Club is set to go global with Clubs about to open all over the world.


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Why people don’t write their business book

The main reason people spurn the idea of writing their own business book is the often erroneous belief that they can’t see a connection between their business and a book. They can’t see how it could serve their business by being about something people will want to read. I’ve helped quite a variety of business people write a book, from many different industries and specialist areas where you wouldn’t have immediately thought it would work, and yet it has.

The main reasons people don’t start their book are because they:

– Don’t have what they think is a good enough idea
– Don’t think they have enough material
– Think they have too much material and don’t know how to structure it
– Don’t think it’s important enough to allocate time to
– Just don’t like writing
– Think they’re no good at writing
– Think the process is too complicated or will take too long
– Fear of success, it could take them out of a comfort zone
– Laziness and lack of discipline
– Don’t know how to do it

All of these can be condensed into one straightforward and damming reason:

People don’t write and publish their own book because they don’t think they’re good enough.

By that I mean they think their business knowledge is not really very good and/or they are not very talented. This is the same reason people don’t do anything; the secret fear of not thinking they’re good enough.

If you really do believe your business is no good and that you are useless at it then we probably can’t help you. You need to go and read some other experts books and learn something. Go and visit a psychologist and get to the bottom of why you feel so useless.

But if there’s a glimmer of hope that you do have some expertise or knowledge that is of value to people then everyone of those reasons listed above can be overcome.

So why write a book? The more you think about it the obvious it becomes. If you have a book about your expertise it makes you look even more like you know what you’re talking about. It will mean you’re more likely to be thought of as the main expert on your topic. You’ll get more bookings, more clients, more PR and more opportunities as a result. You might even make money directly from selling the book too.

If you have information, be it data, an opinion or case studies, that help people understand your offering to help turn them into an informed buyer of your products or services, then creating a business book is for you.

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What sort of author are you?

There are certain types of authors that I’ve found and worked with. Each has advantages and disadvantages that need to be understood if a book project is to be successful. A book is like a rocket: it needs an awful lot of energy to take off and get going. It needs a constant supply of energy to overcome gravity and keep going, but once it’s in orbit it will move all on its own. Here is a list of the types I’ve found:

The Creator/Collectors: these people love creating stuff. They love having stuff in their hands. You’ll probably find their homes and offices full of books. And not just the obvious ones. They probably quite like nice looking, luxurious hardbacks. Those beautiful ‘coffee table’ books. They probably haven’t read many of them, but love having them.

Advantages: Have a strong desire to hold their book in their hands and see it on the shelf.

Disadvantages: May put form over function and create a beautiful product that doesn’t do anything

The Self-Help Junkie: these people will devour every theory that comes along. E Myth? NLP? 7 habits? Robbins? Rich Dad? Who Moved My Cheese? They have not only read them all, they can quote you passages from them.

Advantages: They know how books work.

Disadvantages: Could unconsciously regurgitate old messages or be far too aware of them all and be paralysed, unable to come up with something original.

The Consultant: They know their stuff. Possibly have their own unique material or way of doing things after years in practice. Tend to be practical. Like things to happen quickly. Often overlook or have little experience in marketing.

Advantages: They have a wealth of material and can explain it well.

Disadvantages: See writing as a chore. Tend to turn their exciting material into dull tips sheets, excluding their personality.

Give Sunmakers a call to help identify what are your own strengths and weakness and will help overcome objections and problems you have with your book idea with tactics and strategies. It will give ideas to help formulate a worthwhile purpose, agenda and business plan for you book. It will give ideas to help create an interesting metaphor to give the book that wow factor and will inspire and motivate you to begin, to keep going and to finish as well as giving information on how to publish, produce, promote and proliferate your finished book.

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