How to write a business book – the secret formula

Just to make it easy for you, here is the formula for writing your business book. It really is this simple. Follow this formula and you’ve done it.

how to write a book


b = book

T = your Topic

F = Key facts or Frequently asked questions or tips

Ci = Internal case studies – i.e. your own

Ce = External case studies – i.e. recognised, famous examples

The transform is then integrated with:

p = Your personal take and human story

m = A strong driving metaphor

T: First decide on your topic. It needs to be something you know something about, have an interesting opinion on, or something you can fairly easily collate research on. Preferably it should be something you’re interested in.

F: Decide on a set number of data to include as the key facts. These could be a set of tips, how to’s or frequently asked questions.

Ci: Collect a few first hand case studies to illustrate some of the key facts.

Ce: Back up the rest of the key facts with third party anecdotes of famous people or companies, incorporating something that the reader will recognise, or use a non-famous but powerful story that you found in your research that makes one or more of the points really clear.

p: Tell the part of your own biography that relates to the Topic, T. This should initially state your immense expertise with regards to the Topic and then incorporate your starting point of ignorance or your greatest failure or fall from grace and your slow climb to enlightenment or your epiphany moment. The sub formula for a successful p is:

p = pE + pS + pT

Where pE is the personal end point of expertise, where you are now and your authority to write the book.

pS is your starting point. This could be how you struggled without the Topic or how your early life pointed the way to the topic. Also included should be your early attempts at success and admissions of failure. This allows the reader to believe you are human and like you, they too can improve with regards to the Topic if they follow your story and advice.

pT is your turning point or points when you realised the truth of the Topic and how you incorporated its lessons for success within its remit.

m: This is in many ways the most important and most overlooked part. This driving metaphor will give the book its title and its cover image. It needs to show that the message of the book, which the audience don’t know yet, is like something else that the audience do know about. It is the ‘high concept’ that sums up the style and direction of the book by almost giving away the main thrust of the book. The metaphor can be a single word, backed up with a strapline. It can be a stylised design, the look and typography of the book. It could be catch phrase or statement. A good metaphor sometimes comes first, but more often it comes out of the research and writing you do. It’s not something that can be forced and may even change as the book is being written.

Of course this isn’t the only way to write your book, there is another.

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